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    • UVC Disinfection Systems
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Ürün Kodu : UV CleanAir Series
Ürün Özellikleri
Air Disinfection Devices

UV CleanAir Series HEPA Filtered UV-C Air Disinfection Devices


UV CleanAir Series HEPA (H14) Filtered UV-C Air Disinfection Devices are approved by Turkish Ministry of Health after having passed all four tests, mandatory for all biocidal products with no active ingredients. Test reports for Microbial efficiency, cumulative ozone production, UV-C leakage, and UV-C wavelength are available upon request.


UV CleanAir System primarily designed to assure the safe return of the children to their school during the normalization process of the education system and schools. It is an ideal solution for all closed spaces where people are collectively present (i.e., theaters, movie theaters, concert halls restaurants etc.)


UV-C air disinfection technology provides real-time and sustainable protection while people are present. In UV CleanAir systems, the intake air is first filtered by an F30 grade pre-filter to eliminate larger particles, the air is then filtered through a HEPA (H14) filter, filtering %99.99 of all pathogens. The inactivation of all microorganisms held at the HEPA filter is assured by powerful ozone free UV-C Lamps installed in a UV-C tight zone. The Active Carbon filter ensures that the disinfected air blown back to the room is odorless. Thus, the spread of many infectious diseases, especially Covid-19, which has been proven to spread through aerosols, can be prevented in closed spaces.


In addition to its disinfection feature, UV CleanAir offers functional features such as warning when filters need to be cleaned, and when UV-C lamps are not delivering enough dose. UV SafeAir contributes to breathing disinfected quality air which has great effects on success and performance of individuals thank to the he CO2 sensor providing warning about indoor air quality.


Key Features:


• HEPA (H14) + UV-C setup inactivating 99.99% (4 Log reduction) of common bacteria, viruses, fungus, and molds such as Bacillus, Coli, Clostridium, Legionella, Vibrio, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus in the air

• Light tight design

  • • 2 UV-C Lamps in a light-proof inner chamber specially designed for the highest level of disinfection of the intake air.

• 8000 hours life, 254nm ozone free UV-C lamps, suitable to use in indoor environments occupied by people.

• F30 air intake pre-filter to protect fans, HEPA filter and UV-C lamps from airborne dust and similar pollutants.

• Active Carbon outlet filter that eliminates all bad odors.

• H14 HEPA filter, filtering 99.99% of all micro-organisms and blocking viruses, bacteria, fungus, and molds.

• Ability to detect motion and work with sensors autonomously for 24 hours without the support of any personnel, and switch to saving/sleep state when there are no people.

• Motion sensor, carbon dioxide sensor (optional), 2 UV-C radiation sensors, one for each bulb, fan inoperative sensor or air flow switch (optional), hour meter (optional)

• Diagnostics displayed on the screen: Device Enabled-Disabled / Fan failure / UV-C bulb failure / Filter clogged

• Audible warning for faults

• Safety cut-off switch for when covers are opened inadvertently or during maintenance

• Stand-alone mobile device.

• Body made of cold rolled sheet metal, painted with electrostatic powder paint.

• High quality EBM Fans for long service life

• CE marking

• Measurements during the development of the system were made according to the dose and radiation measurement principles published by IUVA.

Download technical datasheet of UV CleanAir Series HEPA Filtered UV-C Air Disinfection Devices 


 UV CleanAir



Capacity for min. 3 air changes per hour

(m2) and (m3)


UV-C Lamp UV Power (W/each)


UV-C Lamp Electrical Power (W/each)


Number of UV-C Lamps


UV-C Lamp Life (hours)


UV-C Wavelength (nm)


Power Requirement (kW)


Dimensions (mm)

460 x 500 x 600

Weight (kg)