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    • UVC Disinfection Systems
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     UV GUARD UV-C Air Disinfection Solutions for HVAC Systems, Air Handling Units (AHU) and Ducts

Ürün Kodu : UV GUARD UV-C Air Disinfection

UV GUARD UV-C Air Disinfection Solutions for HVAC Systems, Air Handling Units (AHU) and Ducts

UV GUARD, UV-C Disinfection Modules can fit into any air conditioning or ventilation system. It is the ideal solution for disinfecting air in all sizes of rooms which have Air Conditioning or Ventilation System like hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping centers, museums, commercial buildings, and such.


UV GUARD, UV-C modules are manufactured on demand to fit your AHU and ducts.


It is scientifically proven that UV-C is the most effective solution against Covid-19, inactivating 99.99% (4 Log reduction) of viruses and other life-threatening pathogens like bacteria, mold and spores.and many different harmful micro-organisms. Thus, helping to control the spread of airborne viruses, like Covid-19, cold and flu viruses and other aerosol transmitted diseasses.


The UV dose to be applied is calculated depending on 14 different parameters such as duct cross-section and length, duct material, air velocity, air temperature and flow rate. UV GUARDs are designed as a definitive solution for air handling units, duct type air conditioners and ducted ventilation systems.


UV GUARD is available in two versions:

1.         UV GUARD – S For AHU

2.         UV GUARD – S For Ducts


When the UV GUARD-S is installed on the heat exchanger (coil) side of the Air Handling Unit, the formation of bio-film on the heat exchanger is prevented, ensuring operation in maximum efficiency and with energy savings without experiencing pressure losses on the heat exchanger.


Tons of condensed water, which is discharged due to the high level of contamination under normal conditions, is also recovered by UV-C application on the heat exchanger side.


UV-C cassettes, which are positioned close to the air outlets, ensure that healthy and reliable air is supplied to the environment, free from micro-organisms. Cassette type UV-C air disinfection systems provides real-time and sustainable protection while people are in the environment.


All information about the operation of the system (UV-C power, status of lamps, fault status, etc.) can be transferred to a control panel.


  • Ideally suited for retrofitting into existing ductwork systems and AHUs.
  • Considerable advantages over HEPA filters (i.e., running costs, active inactivation, no pressure drops etc.)
  • The units can be easily installed into existing ducts with little effort reducing installation times
  • Fans can run as usual as there is negligible pressure loss in the system


Key Features:

  • UV-C setup inactivating 99.99% (4 Log reduction) of common bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds such as Bacillus, Coli, Clostridium, Legionella, Vibrio, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus in the air

  • 16000 hours UV-C lamp life, HO (High Output), 254nm ozone-free UV-C lamps

  • UV-C radiation sensors, one for each UV-C lamp, air flow switch (optional), hourmeter (optional)

  • System can be controlled locally, or from a central control point, or through mobile devices (optional)

  • Body made of anodized aluminum

  • CE marking

  • Turkish Ministry of Health approval

  • Measurements during the development of the system were made according to the dose and radiation measurement principles published by IUVA.


Download technical datasheet of UV GUARD UV-C Air Disinfection Solutions for HVAC Systems, Air Handling Units (AHU) and Ducts