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    • UVC Disinfection Systems
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UV DuoProtect UV-C Surface & Air Disinfection Equipment

UV DuoProtect UV-C Surface & Air Disinfection Equipment are approved by Turkish Ministry of Health after having passed all four tests, mandatory for all biocidal products with no active ingredients. Test reports for Microbial efficiency, cumulative ozone production, UV-C leakage, and UV-C wavelength are available upon request.


DuoProtect is designed to provide the highest level of protection in poorly ventilated environments where both surface and air disinfection are critical, such as elevators, toilets, changing rooms.


Air disinfection provides real-time and sustainable protection when people are in the cabin, while surface disinfection is activated only when there are no people in the environment, disinfecting all high touch surfaces, such as elevator button panel, doors, handles, and ensuring a sterile and safe cabin every time.


Disinfection with chemicals is a reliable and precise solution for disinfecting surfaces. However, it is by no means a permanent protection and cannot prevent the surfaces from being infected again in a short time. It is almost impossible to clean the same spaces with chemicals at every time a new person comes in.


The DuoProtect solution, combines surface and air disinfection in one single unit, providing every time, the necessary surface disinfection with UV-C technology, even during short pauses when there are no people in the cabinets. DuoProtect provides real-time and sustainable protection when people are in the environment with the UV-C air disinfection system that is constantly on.


Thus, both the disinfection of the surfaces and air is achieved. The spread of many infectious diseases, especially COVID-19, which have been proven to spread from aerosols in the air, can be prevented in closed spaces.



Key Features:


  • UV-C setup inactivating 99.99% (4 Log reduction) of common bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds such as Bacillus, Coli, Clostridium, Legionella, Vibrio, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus in the air

  • Light-tight design when surface disinfection system is disabled

  • Dual safety to prevent UV-C exposure.

  • High Power (HO Type) UV-C lamp in a specially designed UV-C sealed inner chamber for the highest level of disinfection of the intake air

  • Integrated surface disinfection system

  • 16000 hour UV-C lamp life, HO (High Output), 254nm ozone-free UV-C lamps

  • Inlet filter to protect Fans and UV-C lamp from dust, and similar pollutants in the air.

  • F6-7 washable/reusable filter that will prevent any particles in the blown air from being thrown out.

  • On/off with remote control and/or through app on mobile devices

  • Ability to detect motion and work with sensors autonomously for 24 hours without the support of any personnel, and switch to saving/sleep state when there is no human being.

  • Motion sensors (double setup), 2 radiation sensors, one for each UV-C lamp, fan failure sensor or air flow switch (optional)

  • Display – Device Enabled-Disabled / Fan failure / UV lamp failure / Filter clogged

  • Audible warning for faults

  • Auto-off feature after a set period of inactivity

  • On/off with remote control and/or through app on mobile devices

  • Stylish body with modern design, made of cold rolled sheet metal painted with Electrostatic Powder Paint

  • CE marking

  • Turkish Ministry of Health approval

  • Measurements during the development of the system were made according to the dose and radiation measurement principles published by IUVA.

  • Energy efficient; Power requirement: 150W

  • UV-C Power through two high output UV-C lamps each 48W (15W UV-C Output)

  • Capacity: 160m3/h allowing 15 to 8 air exchanges per hour in spaces up to 10m2 and 20m3.


 Download technical datasheet of DUO PROTECT AIR & SURFACE DISINFECTION SYSTEM